Photo Credit to Steve Garfinkel Photography

Firepower Records never fails us. With the label's ability to constantly release great music, find new artists and build them up, and put together some of the best dubstep showcases and albums in the industry, any fan of bass music is automatically a fan of Firepower. One of the producers who was an early product of the label is LA fiend Protohype. The label was founded in 2012, and it took less than a year for Protohype to have his first release, an EP entitled “See No Evil”. Since that project, he has released three other projects on the label, including his most recent EP entitled “Puppy Crew”. Puppy Crew is a six song project that shows off the diversity of Protohype's production, honing in on the hip-hop influence that the producer has had throughout his career.


The EP features sounds from various genres, but allows for that classic Protohype sound that bass heads have fallen in love with to bleed into each track nicely. The song closest to his normal vibe is the opening track entitled “Livin' It”. The strong synths and heavy drum patterns combined with strong vocals and a filthy drop make for a track that will get any dubhead flailing themselves around. The song we were most surprised by on the project is the track “Lights On” that is based in a sound closer to pop than any other genre. Vocals are provided by singer Malcom Anthony, and while the song is produced very well, it seems to disregard any bass elements whatsoever besides the large drums that Hype has in all of his songs.

The rest of the EP is filled with trap bangers as well as collabs with Firepower head honcho Datsik and Init, a producer who has worked with Protohype many times in the past. These songs are absolute heaters that will fit perfectly into the sets of many large name superstars in bass music. Overall, our final conclusion is that is pretty much impossible for Protohype to disappoint us, and that is something we are very grateful for. Take a listen to the EP above and let us know what you think!



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