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The EDM Sauce Top 100

There has been a lot of controversy over this years Top 100 DJ's ranking. Here at EDM Sauce we decided to compile our own rankings as we agree, the DJ Mag list is a little skewed. So check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


1. Will.I.Ams Morals and Ethics

His originality and creativity is absolutely out of this world.


2. DJ Carnage

Raw Talent

3. Palm Tree Girl at Ultra 2010

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A true champion to us all. Proving even trees need love.

rave palm tree

4. Armin's Receding Hairline

You can style it any way you like. But the stress of losing to Hardwell in the polls does things to a man.


5. The Lost Souls of Any Girl Who Has Ever Twerked on Stage for Diplo

The is a special circle in hell reserved for these poor compromised souls.


6. Ironically Hardwells Also Receding Hairline

I really don't have anything on this one…


7. The 48 Year Old Who Still Blows Coke in VIP with Hookers


8. Rukes

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Because like, well he kind of deserves a spot…


9. Black V Necks

Deeper the V, Deeper the Beat


10. Pineapple red Bull

What else can quench the thirst of the industry


11. Joggers

You need something to accent your V neck…


12. Carl

Still on the list after being lost for the better part of a decade.

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13. The Blood of the Innocents that Tiesto Bathes in to Retain his Youth and Hairline

Looking the same age for multiple decades has its costs.


14. Facebook Promoters Who List Promoting as their Career

We know that you are not making any money, and your event invites are clogging my notifications.

15. Another Diplo Side Project

Coming to a mainstage near you in 2016

16. Those Still Stuck at Hudson Project

Word on the street is that they have become a thriving society based on a barter system from the remaining ground scores.

17. Opening DJ Throwing Bangers

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The only way to commercial success is by outshining the headliner right?

18. Bath Salts

Or as the kids call it these days, Molly.


19. Solomon Myers- Inventor of VNECK

The man had no idea what his simple patent would do to a generation.

20. The Glover Aggressively Demanding to Give You a Light Show

Whether you are fucked up and into or not, homeboy is gonna melt yo face.


21. Those Fire Dubplates Only You Have

No one else. Only you.

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22. Vape God's Everywhere

Chase Clouds or Go Home

vape god


Duh. Talent is Talent.

24. Maarten Vorwerk

Humble but basically responsible for 45% of EDM in the last five years.



Duh. Talent is Talent.

26. Robot Guy with Nitrogen Gun

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Working endlessly to distract you from the prerecorded nature of this set.

27. Electric zoo Day 3

2016 pictured below.


28. Flower Headbands

If you're basic and you know it, put on the flower band!


29. DJ Woooo


30. Paris Hilton


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31. Pauly D


32. Steve Aoki's canceled MSG Show

It definitely was not because of poor ticket sales.

33. Crystal Wraps

When your chakras really need to get right.


34. Hoopers and Other Flow People in Your Immediately Vicinity

They definitely are coherent enough not to bump into you repeatedly though.


35. Ultra's 18+ Policy

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While everyone can enjoy EDM, there are some things that do not call for fourteen year olds.

36. That Guy Who Used to Make Fun of You in High School who Now Loves EDM

The bandwagon is moving pretty slowly lately, making jumping on relatively easy.

37. That Guy Who Grinds on you With Out Asking

Let me just creep up from behind and latch on without making eye contact or introducing myself.

38. Guy Constantly Asking for Gum

Nothing like teeth grinding induced root canals right?

39. Oscar Wylde's Failing Public Image

He has mastered hanging on to relevancy by a thread.

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40. DJ's with 25 SC Followers who have a Manager and Publicist

Hey whats up man! Talk to my manager…

41. That Overused Press Photo of Datsik Grabbing His Hat


42. David Guetta's Broken Stare


43. Calvin Harris' First Two Albums

Lets be real, ‘I Created Disco' and ‘Ready for the Weekend' were balls to the wall incredible…

44. Daft Punks Battery Budget to Stay Alive

Having been made in the early 90's, charging technology was primitive.


45. Bassnectar Family Members

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The artist collective that has been publicly denounced by their hallowed artist.

46. Vicks Vaporub


47. Crizzly's Domino's Tab

I don't think I would pay up either, if I never actually ate the pizza.


48. Pryda Snare


49. Modern Talking

50. Josh Wink's Country Rap Album

It does exist. I have it on Vinyl…my Ex's Dad Recorded it in some weird twist of fate.

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51. Carl Cox's Head Polish Budget

Need to keep that dome shinier than the Sun


52. Puppy Diamond

The cutest DJ Owned Dog of All Time…


53. Disclosure's Face Silhouette

How else would we know when an artist remixes their track…

54. Confused Top 40 fans at a Calvin Harris show

“There is a lot of techno being played at this Calvin Harris Concert”

55. Soundcloud's Drop Finder

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Allowing you to skip to the ‘good part' for years now…

56. Smirnoff Vodka

You have to mix something with your pineapple redbull…


57. Crowd Surfing Blow Up Doll

She is like the heel of the bread, everyone touches her, but nobody wants to keep her…

blow up

58. Beatport's Genre Classifier

This guy has to be plastered just 24/7 or in the midst of one of the most dedicated trolls of all time.

59. Meowingtons

Really thought you would make it through a top 100 list on the internet without a cat on it?

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60. DV&LM's suspiciously large North African Fan Base

The infrastructure really recovered quickly after the Arab Spring, and the people have spoken that they demand generic big room house.

61. John Cena

Got you.


62. That Horrible Lady who gets Free Access by Faking her Mom's Cancer

I did not bother to look up her name or picture, because she sucks.


Helping bedroom producers feel important since 2012. ‘A Sample Boutique'….

64. VINAIS Drop They've Used 8 Times

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65. Security Guard Whose Way to Serious

‘Sir whats that in your pants youre hiding in your pants?'
‘You are grabbing my genitals sir'

66. That Empty Amnesty Box

I am sure they just empty it regularly.


67. Soundcloud's Copyright Software

Making sure your dank remix will never be heard.

68. That Person Who Still Refers to EDM as Techno

Come on man, we have an abbreviation now.

69. Borgore's Penicillin Budget

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Ratchet Hoes come with a price tag. Sometimes that price tag is The Clap.


70. Drops Sampled by Vines

People love dancing to Melbourne Bounce on Vine…

71. Dude with Giant Totem Standing in Front of You

He is going to be in the after movie…what can you say about yourself?


72. That Person with the Whistle

There is a special circle of hell for this person, a few levels lower than the Diplo girls.

73. That One Friend Who Only Uses Acid and Molly for ‘Spiritual Reasons'

Because drug use needs rationalization I guess?

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74. Guy with 300 hat pins.

Trades only

75. Guy Who Loved Hardwell Two Months Ago and Now Only Listens to Drumcode

Swedish Techno has an alluring quality I guess…


76. Myles Shear

Manager Extraordinaire

77. That Inexplicable Three Six Mafia/Tiesto Collab…

We didn't forget about that Tijs

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78. The Blown Out Sub in your Car from Excision‘s Shambala Mix

79. Ground Scores After the Festival


80. TomorrowWorlds Preparation Plan for Rain


81. Porter's Sad Boy Emoji


82. Flumes Contract with the Devil to Produce Flawless Music

This is really the only explanation…


83. Deadmau5's Shameless CSI Miami Cameo

At least it wasn't on Law&Order SVU?

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84. Kaskade

Yeah on our poll too motherfucker.

85. Zac Efron

He was in that movie nobody saw.


86. That Friend Who Says his Favorite Song is ID

Some people need to be explained things a little more than others.

87. The Fact Corey Feldman has Gotten Away with Being skrillex for this Long

The resemblance is uncanny…

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Skrillex vs Corey Feldman

88. The All Natural Dreadlocked Individual Who Won't Even Take Advil but Accepts Suspect Powders from Strangers

Usually accompanied by a deep smell of Patchouli

89. Molly Water

Whoever invented this, is as close to handicapable (or whatever is PC these days) as possible…


90. That Couple Who Uses a 10 Person Tent at the Festival

‘Okay, we get a 10×10 plot of land'


91. Shpongles DMT Budget

Divine Moments of Truth huh?


92. Spoon U

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The most monster collab ever. Using only spoons


93. Frat DJ Pulling Exclusively from Spotify Playlist

‘Shit a transition is coming up, better backspin or fade out, then in!'

94. Steve Aoki's Emaciated and Delirious Personal Baker

‘Maybe we should eat the cake this time?…no?…okay nevermind…'


95. The Wrist Fungus Formed From Refusing to Remove Years Old Festival Bands


96. A-Traks hat

Self Explanatory


97. DJ Hanzel

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He went 97 Deeper this time.

98. Jason Ross, Proud Member of A&B


99. Justin Kleinfeld

Honestly, one of the hardest working people in the game.

100. Girl on Dudes Shoulders in Front of You

She gets a clear view, hes getting a killer shoulder and core workout, and you get shade. So stop bitching.


With that folks, that is the end of this years list. Laugh at yourself industry, because we are all so shot out in our own ways. Eat your heart out DJ Mag, and get it together.

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