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Carbon Airways Release American Debut EP ‘Black Sun’

In an era of EDM that's guilty of a lather-rinse-repeat method of making dance music, the French youngsters Engus and Eleonore, better known as Carbon Airways, are creating music that'd be akin to throwing a wrench in the conventional system that conjures so much of the shiny, made-for-bottle-service dance music. Having been in the music scene for only three years, the sibling duo have released four EPs and have performed at multiple festivals in Europe, as well as Ultra Music Festival back in 2012 (despite both of them being under 18). 2014 is already showing to be a big year for them, as they're set to perform at Coachella on April 12 and April 19, and their Black Sun EP has been released in the U.S. today via Cherrytree Records.


Starting with the title track, “Black Sun,” the 132-bpm song is a flashback to the late 80s industrial scene, with distorted guitars and analog synths creating a grimy tone for the song, while Eleonore's down-to-earth vocals ride atop the powerful instruments. Engus also performs vocals on the track in a speaking manner- verging on rapping, even- and a cool half-time break kicks in with dubstep-influenced glitch sounds and trap-influenced hi-hat patterns without sounding out-of-place for the vintage industrial song. “DNA Providence” is a straightforward head-banger — running at 150 bpm, the analog lead in this is large and in charge, and Engus takes the lead duty in vocals. “Conquest” goes back to the industrial/indie dance tempo of 132 bpm, and switches from buzzy electro-house-style Synth patterns and half-time dubstep breaks, while Engus and Eleonore split vocal duties down the middle in this song. “Grace & Virtue” dials down the tempo to 128 bpm and also dials down the loud & dirty analog sound, letting Eleonore's vocals have more breathing room, but when Engus' verse comes in at the second half of the song, the analog synths pick up the intensity.


Black Sun EP also includes remixes of the title track from Betablock3r, Kill Paris, and Paris Blohm: Betablock3r's remix takes the song's late 80s influence and dials it back another decade, morphing it into a disco track with funky guitars & bass and vintage synths; Kill Paris' remix gives the song a glossy drumstep treatment, with smooth sub-bass and no harsh synths; and Paris Blohm's remix prims it up with a plucky, reverberated lead synth and gives it a big-room house feel.


You can purchase Carbon Airways' Black Sun EP on Beatport, and watch the video for the title track, “Black Sun,” below. (Disclaimer: Try to refrain from sexual comments about Eleonore, because like Lorde, she's only 17.)

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