Kai Wachi - 2

19 year-old Kekai Wachi, a dub/trap music producer better known as Kai Wachi, was one of eleven people federally indicted on charges of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and heroin and distribution of both oxycodone and heroin. The allegations estimate 160,000 oxycodone pills and an undisclosed amount of heroin were sold, totaling $6 million and dating as far back as September of 2012!

Based out of Boise, Idaho, Kai Wachi is currently represented by Kannibalen Records. Circle Talent Agency recently picked him up due to his growing expansion into the electronic music scene. A trial date has not been set as of yet, and until the findings are displayed, he should be given the benefit of the doubt in this case.

As an avid trap music fan, I find that this type of situation embodies the negative connotations often associated with the scene. To further your understanding, here is an Urban Dictionary definition of the trap music genre. “Trap” is used in non-music terms, referring to a place where drug deals are made. Google has multiple definitions for the word, including which “a trick by which someone is misled into acting contrary to their interests or intentions”, “percussion instruments, typically in a jazz band”, or “an unpleasant situation from which it is hard to escape.” Interesting…