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Beatport’s List of Five Sexiest Dance-Music Festivals

We all know the obvious reasons to attend a dance music festival which include the music, the performers, the lights, etc. According to a recent Beatport article, another reason to go is they “can be fantastic places for hooking up” as they offer a list of the five sexiest festivals that you have the best chance of getting lucky at.

They started the list with BPM, Electric Daisy Carnival and Kazantip. I agree with Beatport on these.

BPM takes place right after the new year and is located on the beach in Mexico where the weather and water is warm and nice, and I'm sure some of the people there are even nicer and hotter.

Electric Daisy Carnival… well is EDC. If you don't know what I'm talking about I mean pasties galore, thongs surrounding you everywhere you turn, and Insomniac implementing the 18 and older policy has only helped creeps become not-as-creepy since they don't have to watch out for hitting on any 16-year-old girls.

Kazantip takes place in the Crimean beaches in Ukraine. If you didn't know, beaches in Eastern Europe are clothing-optional creating an easy recipe for a sexy festival if you ask me.
(EDM + hott topless Eastern European Chicks = Sexy)

In my opinion, the last two events on the list are questionable.

Hard Day of the Dead was listed next.

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In my opinion, Hard DOTD definitely offers you a greater variety of girls dressed up compared to Hard Summer but definitely wouldn't make it to my list of top 5 sexiest festivals.

The last one kind of creeps me out.

He listed Burning Man.
“Roaming tribes of loved-up, yoga-toned, barely dressed desert freaks has long been the aesthetic..”

While yes, people are all sorts of drugged up in the middle of the desert (this is no secret) and barely wearing anything, the reason behind doing all these drugs are normally spiritual exploration and discovery not so people can get messed up and hookup.

I'm sure people walk around naked at Burning Man because they don't feel the same pressures of normal society and being nude isn't something sexual but an act of freedom.

All I have to say is if you are going to Burning Man just to get some you are in for a very unfortunate, and dusty, let down.

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