Another artist charting new territory in the universe of sound that is EDM. Emalkay, the dubstep beast who brought you “When I Look At You” and “The Line(ft. Glen Boden)”, has started his own new record label and created a new EP with a whole new sound. For The People EP will be the first release on the Bring It Down label. Taking a page out of Datsik's book by naming his label after one of his hit tracks, I believe this label has big potential. Emalkay is “diversifying his portfolio” by dipping into the trending trap sound and a little classic electro. As always, the tracks emalkay leaked from For The People are high quality, intricate and will jack you up. For his more classic dubstep fans, these tracks may come as a little shock to the system but with the constantly evolving sound that is EDM you have to keep an open mind. Shouldn't be hard to do with these two, “Aerosol” and “For The People”. For The People EP out Nov. 4th on Bring It Down.