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Dub Time Tuesday: R/D, “Sleeper Dub”

While I was browsing the internet looking for new Dubstep artists, I stumbled upon R/D.  I listened to a few songs and soon found myself falling into a calming trance of beautiful melodies, vivacious drums, and smooth overtones that would calm a crying baby.  When I woke from this trance I felt refreshed, with a new perspective on what was possible for Dubstep.  I have always been an avid listener of hardcore Dub like Excision and Datsik, but R/D have opened my eyes and ears!

The first song I heard was “Snow Poem“.  This tune caught me right away with the opening line, “Snow poem,” spoken by what sounds like a child, but who knows with today's technology.  Either way, I was forced to stick around and listen to the rest of the song, and I am very glad that I did so.  At the beginning there is no drums or bass, just a calming Synth overtone.  Then the bass, and 808 drums drums slowly make their presence known.  There is no build up to the drop, just a smooth transition into easy, high pitched wub wubs.  I can only describe the bridge in one way.  Imagine laying down in the middle of a forest with that has just been doused with a coating of the lightest snow you have ever felt.  All you hear are birds chirping, and the occasional movement of a branch.  Then the wub wubs surprise you, like a wood pecker chipping away at bark.  I do not know if that is what R/D was going for, but that is what this song felt like to me.

If you read through all of that then I thank you.  Some other songs by R/D that I highly suggest giving a listen to if you cannot get enough Dubtstep while awake and need it while sleeping too are, “Shine(R/D remix),” “Cloud Pound,” “Moon Vault,” and “Mystified.”

There is a dream that we continually chase in the music world.  That dream is that one day we will  reach the horizon where a sound is so perfect and so beautiful, that all of mankind will come together in harmony, to enjoy a single melody.  R/D has pushed forward unto the horizon where this melody will one day be enjoyed by all.

Check out R/D's website below!  R/D is the epitome of Chillstep, and my rating is definitely a 9/10.  Until next time!


R/D's Website

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