xKore is a UK producer who has been known to be the answer to Skrillex. xKore has been quickly distinguishing himself with his 170BPM tempo and is gaining attention from many dubstep DJs across the EDM community such as Skream, Dillon Francis, Borgore and Skrillex. It was a great interview I had with xKore at his tour in Santa Ana, California at the Yost theatre. Read on for more of my interview with xKore below.

Stevo: Hey xKore, how's the tour been going so far?
xKore: It's been really good just been touring all around and a lot of partying.

Stevo: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you now?
xKore: 19.

Stevo: Okay and you started at around 14 correct?
xKore: Um yea about 14.

Stevo: What first got you into EDM?
xKore: I was producing house and trance. And then eventually just got into dubstep.

Stevo: Where do you see your music going?
xKore: I kind of want to break out of a dubstep artist and want to be just xKore. I have my own style and my own sound and want to prove it through my music.

Stevo: What's your plans for the future, remixes, collabs?
xKore: I have a few remixes coming out soon. One of which being SKisM. Also I'm having an EP being released around December which will be a 4 track EP. I'm exploring new areas on this next EP.

Stevo: What kind of areas are you exploring, trap?
xKore: Yea I'm feeling trap and a few other things. It'll be a good change of pace for me.

Stevo: What was it that brought you on this tour?
xKore: Well I'm in the same agency as datsik and he likes my style, so it's been a sick tour to be on.

Stevo: The tour has been treating you well it sounds like, you have British Columbia these next couple of days?
xKore: Yea we've been every where and its just in such a short time span that we've been moving everywhere.

Stevo: Is it getting too much for you?
xKore: No, it's just getting routine for me. Go to sleep, wake up in a different city.

Stevo: Any highlights of the tour so far?
xKore: Minneapolis was a really good time, the first city on the tour. Texas was also fun. We got shut down by the police for being too loud in Austin at College Station, Texas. Austin. They were shutting us down everywhere.

Stevo: How much time are you in the studio producing. Do u like producing or DJing better?
xKore: When I have spare time I'm always producing. On the tour I don't have much time but I love producing music.

Stevo: What's been your favorite track you've made so far?
xKore: A few tracks that haven't been released to be honest, but there are a few of these tracks that may never release. It just doesn't fit in with my style and they aren't consistent with xKore.

Stevo: Would you ever re-brand yourself as something other than xKore and push some of those tracks out?
xKore: Yea I may be doing something on the side. Something more melodic and piano. But it's not consistent with xkore.

Stevo: So are you enjoying the American EDM scene?
xKore: Yeah I love it. People come out on weekdays and they are always wanting to party. People go out every night here. Don't people ever go to school out here?

Stevo: Would you ever move out here (United States)?
xKore: Well my family is all there in the UK, but I'd move, I would move to Los Angeles.

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