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Rusko vs Deadmau5 (Again) and Drugs vs EDM (Again)

The biggest conflict in the EDM world for several years has been the line between trance | electro | dubstep. But another divide is emerging between top djs, and that is the reputation electro music has for being a ‘drug friendly' scene. Two djs in particular represent the opposing sides:

Deadmau5: Using drugs and liking electro music are not two things that always go together
Rusko: Everyone at the show is on drugs, including the DJ

In a recent interview with Rusko by DJ Mag, Rusko said he loves to take drugs and still carries a grudge against Deadmau5 for his actions several years ago. Rusko says Deadmau5 was ‘tattling on him' when he (Deadmau5) notified authorities that Rusko was smoking a J behind stage. Rusko was outraged that another artist would sell him out and what ensued was a showdown via twitter of Rusko insulting Deadmau5 by calling him a “c**t.””

Also in the interview, Rusko says that his newest album was inspired by a lot of drugs and by taking the date rape drug. The drugs provided inspiration and helped him through producing “Dirty Sexy Money.” Rusko has perhaps the most liberal attitude in the EDM world – he also elaborated to say that he appreciates and encourages drug use in the audience.

I’m at this stage now, I’m drinking a bottle of vodka a night, enjoying drugs for what they are, and not being shy about it.

As for our perspective, we find it interesting that someone this high profile would brag about his drug use. Rusko isn't arguing for responsible use of drugs or even that ‘some types of drugs' are okay. Rusko doesn't seem to care. He's in the business for fun times – not for his fans health. Which that is a valid point too.

Do you think Rusko is right? or do you stand with Deadmau5?

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