It is a sad day, for real, when a dj finds lawyers on his doorstep demanding that he change his name. DJs spend years building a brand – websites, facebook pages, marketing, teeshirts, and countless tracks with their name on them help to establish who they are and put a name to the music.

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Yet that's the situation that top dj Ton!c found himself in these last few months. Not wanting to be sued into oblivion, Ton!c will now be going by the name Deorro, which is based on his last name. Moving to a new facebook account will lose him about 29,000 likes…. ouch. The source of the conflict was another band named Tonic that plays alternative pop music.

As huge fans of Ton!c (Deorro) we are really saddened by this news. Said his facebook –

Deadmau5, skrillex, avicci, wolfgang gartner, etc. have all been through a name change for the better, please wish me luck and hope i can be along the list of successful men like them. If it's meant to be, then it's meant to be. If not, well i have more than enough fans now to die happy. You're all a blessing to me, and thank you for understanding a huge turning point in my career.

This is exactly why we love this guy. His humble attitude, his passion for music, and his genuine love for his fans is astounding. We are confident that no matter what, our guy is going to emerge from this better and stronger than ever, and that his loyal fans will help him rebuild.

Stay saucy, man!

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