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Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival Hit With Another Lawsuit, This Makes 3 So Far

Fyre Festival continues to deal with legal blows following the Fyre Festival disaster. The event's co-founders, Bill McFarland and Ja Rule, were hit with a $100 million lawsuit on Sunday, followed by another lawsuit...

Fyre Festival: Law Firms Are Advertising To Attendees To Seek Compensation

Did you know that "Mesothelioma" is the most expensive keyword term on Google's AdWords? For every single click, the advertiser is charged roughly $319. While many companies knew asbestos were bad, companies decided to...
Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival Lawsuit: Plantiff Files $100 Million Class Action Suit

According to The Fashion Law, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Fyre Festival and its organizers to the amount of $100 million. Fyre Festival Class Action Lawsuit The lawsuit, which was filed in the...


Diplo Dropped a 2-Hour House-Heavy Mix from Afrika Burn

As producers and DJs tend to push the boundaries on genres, Diplo breathed new life into house music with his new mix from Afrika...