Underground Dj, Amidy, has recently released one of his latest singles “Don't Let Me Go;” This magnificent masterpiece reveals what this DJ producer is truly capable of. Amidy, also known as Nolan Atkins, is known for his many fantasy-like creations and powerfully narrative melodies that any story lover would care to experience. This track is a dubstep narrative that can touch the hearts of any dance lover out there. I came upon this track when listening to the works of any other Dj on Soundcloud. Miraculously, this single lured my attention to all of it's beautiful qualities persuading me to believe that this is a track that no one should miss out on. We can expect a lot from this truly talented Dj and can't wait to experience what more is to come.

You can check out the single below.

Sophia Medina
Hey, I'm Sophia Medina and I'm 19-years-old. I go to Miami Dade College and I'm currently in the process of earning my English degree. I've loved EDM music since I was first introduced to it my sophomore year of high school. Since then you can pretty much find me at any music festival. I've been to so many that I actually lost count. My two favorite DJs are Seven Lions and Porter Robinson.
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