Ghost Producer Revealed Of The 10 Year Old Producer, Aiden Jude

Back on March 15th, we reported the story of the 10 year old music producer known as Aiden Jude who had just released his single called “Tonight” off of Beatport. While some people applauded Aiden for testing out electronic music at such a young age, many people lashed out at him claiming things such as “you can do anything with rich parents now a days.”

According to a press release by Universal Music Publishing, it was revealed that Carlos Escalona “co-wrote” Aiden Jude’s “Tonight” along with the vocalist Nafsicawith.

Carlos Escalona is known to be a praised songwriter who won a BMI Latin Award in 2013 for his songwriting efforts on Paulina Rubio’s “Me Gusta Tanto.”

Watch Aiden Jude’s track “Tonight” below:

[Source: LessThan3]

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