Remember our article two weeks ago about copyright infringement by (not a real) DJ K3vin Envoy? We have continued to review his tracks and have both good and bad news.

Good news: K3vin Envoy has been caught red-handed stealing music and distributing it as his own on his “record label” Envoy Records. His Spotify is now almost empty. His iTunes tracks have (mostly) been taken down. Many of the tracks Redditors identified have been removed from Amazon.

Bad news: There are still more than 40 tracks online by K3vin. In fact, he posted new material — which is also someone else’s original track. Perhaps he thought that if he stole from someone more obscure we wouldn’t figure it out. Besides his original copying of works by Feed Me, Kill the Noise, R3HAB, and Gemini, we’ve now identified additional works from Adam F, DJ Kue, Candyland, and Tommy Trash.

K3vin wasn’t thrilled with all this media coverage. Since then he’s taken to his instagram (which is incidentally as full of fake followers as his facebook account) and attacked our authors. The latest was accusing our writer Erik stating, “[Erik], blogger of Edm Sauce has criminal record for jewelry theft and stealing cars BEWARE.” He also takes on writer Mike W. (of calling him a drag queen. This is even more hilarious given that K3vin Envoy spends his time photoshopping a slimmed down version of his face onto models bodies – including pasting himself standing next to artist Lights. DJ k3vin envoy

It is absolutely baffling how someone could flagrantly steal music and not expect any consequences. Check out the videos below of his “work” and see whats going on for yourself. Meanwhile, we will continue to sort through his tracks and notify the artists, labels, and legal departments of his actions.

FYI here’s some of his efforts targeting our writers (Some Links NSFW): Elle, Bruce and Erik.

Also please help our efforts on tracking down K3vin Envoy’s fake songs, by commenting on this article. Here’s our current list: Google Doc Sheet.

P.S. We would like to give a special shout out to the folks at Do Androids Dance, YourEDM, and for helping us out with coverage.

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