Right now people are totally obsessed with remixes of Daughter. If you haven’t heard of this group, there are only two words that I need to say: Epic Vocals. A fairly young set, this London based trio just released their first album in 2013. Opportunistic DJs, particularly those in dubstep and DNB, went nuts with remixes. As a result, there are many super high quality, chilled out versions of their beautiful songs. Sooo good. It’s a perfect playlist for studying, walks in the snow, or long drives with the windows open by the ocean. Or anything, really. Most of these you can download for free via the link.

Daughter- Get Lucky cover (Joei Jo All Night Mix) (originally Daft Punk)
Youth (Alle Farben Remix)
Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)
Still (Minorstep Remix)
Love (Synkro Remix)
Smother (Vancore Remix)
Amsterdam (Beat Syndrome Remix)
Medicine (Chainsmokers Remix)

My absolute favorite from the list is the Synkro remix. But I also included a track from my secret stash – a cover version of “Get Lucky” (by Daughter) which is then remixed. In my opinion, the female vocals on Get Lucky take it to a much more soft and soulful place.